Alternator Vs. Battery: What Is The Difference?

Many have confused the roles of a car alternator and a car battery because they work together. Your vehicle may have a starting problem, but you are unsure of the cause. The major areas that cause such scenarios are corroded connection cables, the vehicle's starter, dead or dying battery, or a bad alternator. Below are the differences between the roles of a car battery and an alternator.

Functions of a Car Battery

1. The automotive battery stores the chemical energy that converts to electrical energy whenever you start your engine.
2. Besides turning the car engine on, it also starts the ignition system. It is the source of the whole vehicle's
3. Ensures sustainability of the car's energy system. As the engine runs, the alternator charges the
battery. The battery then stores the chemical energy again for running the engine.
4. The battery also acts as a voltage regulator in high voltage spikes due to overworking. The battery is capable of absorbing excessive voltage.

Functions of an Alternator

1. The alternator keeps the vehicle running smoothly, powering parts like headlights, electronic components, car radios, windshield wipers, and dashboard instruments. All are supplied with direct current power through the alternator.
2. When the engine is on, the alternator turns mechanical energy into electrical energy.
3. It also charges the battery when the engine is on.

Signs of a Bad Battery

1.A weird smell from the battery. This may come from the gases within the battery.
2.A car battery lasts for four to six years. Beyond that period, you should get a new one.
3. The car starts slower than usual.
4. Corrosion of the battery. Chemical reactions bring about white powder on the battery terminals.Then you need to service your battery with rubber gloves and safety glasses.
5. Dim dashboard lights or headlights.

Signs of a Bad Alternator

1.The alternator might be shot if you hear funny noises upon turning your car on.
2.Whenever your battery light goes off, it can also be due to a bad alternator.
3.A shift in interior lighting or headlights. It may be dim, brighter than usual, or even darker.
4.When the car accessories are not working correctly.
5.A smell of something burning.

The alternator and the battery share some signs, and identification may be a problem. For a battery or alternator repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Villa Marina Auto Care today.


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